I was born in Zimbabwe way back in the last century where I enjoyed sport and physical activity both at school as well as in my spare time. Having attended boarding school for 6 years at Falcon College I was fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of an excellent education incorporating sport, discipline, academic success and also developed a love for Natural History. 

After moving to England in 1997 and trying my hand at various occupations I decided to follow the growing trend toward Health and Fitness. After gaining my qualifications through Premier Training International I gained some experience working for various fitness facilities in Kent and Greater London before moving to East Anglia in 2002 where I set up www.pinnacle-fitness.co.uk as a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist. 

Having worked in a couple of local Fitness Centres I am now based mostly at Granta Park in Great Abington, www.grantapark.co.uk where I manage the fitness facility on site. I also work from my home in Great Shelford and am fully mobile too working from private houses and outdoors where time allows. 

As well as fitness I'm very much into photography, www.jeremysmithphotography.co.uk and enjoy Skiing, Scuba diving amoungst other things.